GPT technology can help people write code quickly and accurately by using natural language as a prompt. GPT can take a text prompt such as "I need a function to calculate the average of two numbers" and generate code that is tailored to the given task. This technology has the potential to cut down development time, as it can generate code quickly and accurately. It can also help reduce the risk of errors, as GPT is capable of generating code that can be tested and used immediately. Try AI Code Generator to create code in any language, from small functions to entire static websites.

AI Generated Books

AI can even generate books by using natural language processing to generate text. This technology can be used to generate book-length pieces of text based on a given set of topics. For example, an AI system could be given a list of topics and then it would generate text that incorporates those topics into a cohesive narrative. Currently, AI Book Generator allows people to create ebooks that can be sold on book stores like Amazon and Kobo to make some extra-money.

Able to generate anything you want

GPT technology is revolutionizing the way we write. With the help of GPT, it is now possible to generate content within a fraction of the time it would take a human to do the same. GPT is able to generate any kind of content from articles to poems, songs, essays, and more. It can even be used to generate entire stories or novels in a matter of minutes. GPT is a powerful tool that can help writers save time, increase productivity, and produce higher quality content.


OpenAI has opened up a Discord server, allowing users to come together and discuss the latest developments in AI and GPT technology. The server provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, ask questions, and learn more about the technology. With the OpenAI Discord server, users can join a vibrant community and stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in AI.


GPT technology is a powerful tool, but it also comes with certain limitations. GPT is not yet able to understand context, which means it can produce text that may not make sense in certain situations. Additionally, GPT is also not able to generate creative content, so it is unable to produce original ideas or stories. Finally, GPT is not able to produce content that is tailored to a specific user or situation, so it is not able to provide personalized content. Despite these limitations, GPT is still a powerful tool that has many applications.

Is ChatGPT busy?

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Here some example of how ChatGPT works and what you can create with it. It is an interactive chat where you can talk like facing a real person.